5 wedding decor inspirations to take from Ranbir and Aliaa's big day

by vermilion / June 15, 2022

The biggest star-studded wedding took place, and we are excited. Be it Aliaa gushing about Ranbir in Koffee with Karan, or her Sabyasachi pastel saree, everything about this wedding has been an inspiration to us. The couple swept us off our legs when they posted all their wedding pictures, and the videos of Ranbir carrying Aliaa with him have been filling us with all sorts of expectations for our future spouse.

After five years of keeping the relationship hush-hush, the wedding was an intimate affair. The couple took their vows on a balcony at their house, Vastu in Mumbai, with the presence of only close friends and family. Pastel-themed wedding decorations are the newest trend in Indian wedding decor, and the couple selected them for all the right reasons! These delicate and lovely colors blended beautifully to create an exquisite and harmonious look for their wedding.

Floral decor by Interflora

Interflora, a firm specializing in luxury floral design, was in charge of their wedding's elegant flower arrangement. The decor was natural, organic, pure, and complete, much like the love they share. Ranbir and Alia's wedding included a floral scene, with Bangalore chrysanthemums and white button flowers utilized to create a regal atmosphere.

The wedding had an enchanted woodland theme. Sun-kissed, earthy, and natural. The team recreated a magical atmosphere like a fantastic fairy tale story, with an enchanted forest theme similar to a woodland-themed wedding. This theme is charming and down to earth, providing a delightful excursion and an opportunity to give your venue a whimsical feel.

Natural textures created from tree bark are an excellent way to add interest to your decor. A woodland wedding is a fantastic summer theme, but with a little bit of creativity, you can even pull it off indoors, as the star couple did. The couple chose dragonflies, earthy porcelain vintage glasses, and handcrafted embroidered linen drapes to complement their earthy woodland wedding theme.

Flowers all over

Flowers have always maintained a particular place in wedding decor, regardless of theme, while also increasing the beauty of whatever area they are in, and suspended flower arrangements are the latest trend that has lately amazed everyone! From flowing strings of traditional Rajnigandha to exotic arrangements of tropical flowers and foliage to breathtaking compositions, the power couple's wedding was a piece of beauty that left everyone speechless.

Being one with the nature

A natural wedding theme is always romantic, and if done right, it can also be eco-friendly; consider homegrown and local flowers, recycled decor, and other eco-friendly wedding ideas. In Indian weddings, the color earth tone is particularly essential since it denotes fresh beginnings, wealth, and harmony. From Alia Bhatt's neutral bridal lehenga with vital emerald light-green colored tiny jewelry to Ranbir Kapoor going all out with white-hued wedding clothes, color screamed during their wedding.

Opting for neutral colors

Contrary to popular assumptions, a neutral wedding color scheme does not restrict you to a small pallet of colors and color combinations. If tans, creams, and gray hints are too mainstream for you, incorporate subtle pastels, such as blush and light peach, as seen in the Ranbir-Alia wedding. If you feel it's cliche, go the opposite direction and incorporate gleaming champagne, just like the couple, or add gold for a more glamorous feel and a sparkling finishing touch.

Lights make everything better!

Good wedding lighting is right up there with flowers, food, and ambiance as aspects that may help set the tone for your wedding day. To illuminate your event, you may use romantic candles, modern bulbs, and so on, but string and fairy lights are preferable possibilities. Because of its whimsical, fairy-tale ambiance, this design is popular among couples, and you will most certainly appreciate it!

The entire street in front of 'Vaastu' was lit up with fairy lights.

Small strings of fairy lights swung from the ceiling of the ceremony, converting the power couple's wedding setting into a beautiful vision. It was light and delicate, thanks to the bright hangings and the abundance of blossoms.

Don't shut the drapes!

If you want to add the "wow" factor to your wedding, go for gorgeous draping as Ranbir and Alia did. The fabric -typically translucent, gauzy materials like chiffon, organza, or voile - will make your environment feel more luxurious and sophisticated yet intimate and welcoming. The couple's wedding site was an all-white wonderland, with gallery corridors covered in soft white linen curtains and fresh flora.

If you haven't settled on a stunning pastel-hued decor for your wedding yet, have a peek at these glittering decor ideas inspired by the Bollywood pair.

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