7 Things You Should Know Before Hiring a DJ

by vermilion / September 15, 2022

Wedding DJs have advanced from playing four hours of corny disco tunes to a spinning glitter ball. If you hire a really talented DJ, they can transform your wedding reception into an event that will be remembered for all the right reasons. Here are seven things you should know before hiring a DJ for your wedding:

Contact your venue first to check in:

When doing your site tour, check whether the outlets are located in your event space. This will give you a general picture of your floor design, including the location of the dance floor and the DJ's equipment. It’s important to check in with your venue before hiring your DJ. You should be aware of any limitations they may have, such as noise regulations, a music curfew, the availability and load of electrical circuits, and deadlines for the setup and takedown of the DJ's equipment.

Discover their fashion:

It's vital to know how they work before the big day. You may want the laid-back sort and simply dance all night, or you may want someone getting your guests up and being loud during their performances.

Do you perform or introduce songs using the microphone? Or Do you take the microphone to exhort them to dance? Or Check out their performance approach to determine whether it suits the profile of your audience by asking them questions such as, "Do you concentrate on only adjusting the music to stimulate the audience's interest? To get a sense of how things will sound on the wedding day, you can also ask them for a sample of how they blend transitions between songs. There won't be any awkward pauses here!

Before you make a reservation, find out if your DJ accepts requests. So many visitors become motivated while dancing and demand to hear a certain song. While you may always give your DJ a lengthy do-not-play list, it's best to encourage dancing by letting your guests make requests for songs that will keep the dance floor packed.

It's not just about the price:

DJ professionals will offer tailored bids that showcase their experience, their function during the ceremony, and how they interact and amuse everyone at the reception once couples post the specifics of their wedding and their goals for their DJ.

If you don't have a separate emcee for your wedding, be sure to ask prospective DJs about their experience making announcements and getting everyone's attention; put together your ideal playlist for your DJ, but don't forget to also add a "do not play" list, to the playlist; and finally, ask your DJ about their experience making announcements and getting everyone's attention.

Obtain suggestions:

Don't scrimp on your DJ and try to acquire suggestions from your friends if you don't have a planner who can give tried and tested options, since a bad DJ equals a lousy party and an outstanding DJ equals an awesome dance party.

Make sure your personalities are compatible:

Always meet with your DJ either virtually or in person. You need to vibe with this individual from the get-go — so if your gut is telling you something isn't jiving, say thanks and move on to the next. Since DJs are so important to keeping the party going, it's crucial that you click with them and that they seem enthusiastic about helping you out.

Find out what their backup plans:

It's important to understand what will happen if they get sick or if their equipment breaks down, as well as how they sound on the microphone

Make certain that you’re DJ, and really all of your providers, have backup plans in place in case the worst happens. Nobody wants to be without music on their wedding day! Plan ahead and ideally you won't need your Plan B at all.

Connect with your DJ:

You should always hop on a call with a DJ to ask questions and get a good sense of who they are, what they can do, and that you guys vibe. Poorly chosen music and a DJ who struggles to get the audience going and make announcements smoothly are the two things that ruin weddings the most. You need a DJ who can create a terrific playlist to keep your guests dancing, as well as someone who can serve as an effective emcee.

There aren't many things more fun in life than seeing your elderly grandmother or wacky uncle break down on the dance floor. Having said that, everyone is aware of how important perfect music is to a great wedding reception. Most upcoming brides and grooms cannot exaggerate how crucial it is for their guests to be joyful, involved, on their feet, and dancing the entire night. Make sure to prioritize the entertainment while organizing your ideal wedding with Vermillion decors for the perfect DJ night you would like to experience on your D-day.

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