Dreamy wedding ideas for 2020 that will leave your guests starry

by vermilion / December 31, 2020

You don't need a telescope to see stars on your wedding day! Bring the best trends in 2020 to your wedding with some out-of-box decoration ideas. While in 2019, couples preferred color pops and floral settings, we also witnessed some of them switching to something more offbeat and darker color palettes. Starting from the table setup to the hangings from the ceiling, even the smallest of things should match the tone of your wedding. Here are some glitz and glam wedding decor ideas with a touch of lavishness to top them.

Make it a serene experience

Opting for some classic colors will always remain timeless and hue elegant in its simplicity when it comes to wedding decoration. There are some colors like blue that will always draw attention while giving away its calming and serene vibes. From petite elements like tassels, ribbons, and flowers to grand elements like furniture, stage, and backdrop, pick one classic color that suits the tone of your wedding and strictly stick to the shades of the same color for consistency.

Magic happens when two colors collide

As we all know there are some amazing color combinations that no matter how much we try, we can never go wrong with, so pick some unique color combinations, and stick with it throughout the wedding decoration. These two colors will end up creating a magical environment to get married in.

Go Green!

If going green is the closest you can bring your family to Mother Nature, then so be it. Green symbolizes fresh new beginnings, and it is the only color that hardly requires any artificial elements to hold it together in wedding decorations, it only amps up the natural beauty of the venue. So, go ahead and go all green and invite Mother Nature to your wedding.

Go bright or go home!

The eternal white

White is a color that truly makes your wedding seem like a fantasy movie scene! Even though there are a lot of colors to experiment with and make your wedding extra quirky, white is a color that is loved by all wedding decorators universally. It perfectly fits the subtle yet rustic decor boxes. So, to all the couples out there, if you are looking to make your wedding look fanciful then white is your color.

Let’s look forward to 2021 with a myriad of colours and accessories. Our event management professionals created something that left us all starry-eyed! Brides and grooms-to-be check out these top decor ideas of 2020 to ace that wedding next year!.

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