Hottest wedding decor colours for 2021

by vermilion / October 23, 2021

Wedding Decorations

Did someone say decor? Yes, you heard it right. The decor is the most important element of the wedding venue, as it sets the mood and theme of the wedding. From floral installations to lighting, from stage setup to the mandap decor, everything sets the right tone for your wedding.

Wedding Décor Trends that will stand out this Season!

2021 hasn't been the kindest year to the wedding sector, but as it moves forward things sure are going to be - not necessarily bigger, but better in terms of making most of the resources at hand, lesser waste, and opting for more intimate weddings where those who matter to the couple and the families the most! So let's kick off this year by asking the decorators to tell us which decor trend they think will be big, and here is what some of the leading ones predict!

Ombré décor is here to win:

Photo courtesy: unknown

Looking for a trendy decor this upcoming season? Ombré is it - be it in floral, fabrics, drapes or linen, the shades of the same tone and not multiple colours mixed and matched together is the look that will be big next season!

Big things come in small packages:

photo courtesy: weddingomania

Here are some elements that will make your wedding decor look unique amid clichés - Cane, bamboo, and wicker baskets are going to be a huge trend this season. Make them look special by treating them with greens or sprucing them up with pompoms or just by hanging a filament bulb in them. Coloured translucent acrylic sheets & big foam/ paper flowers will also come in as a trend in decor, adding a pop of colour and glam in a usual flower/ green ceiling!

Click the fancy night away:

A photo booth is one such trend that will make all your guests stop and stare (literally). As you get extremely creative with a photo booth, it makes all the wedding hashtags make immediate sense for many reasons:

1. Guests love to get clicked in a fancy setting and take back a memory of a lifetime
2. It serves as a great engagement opportunity
3. It is a photo op - that doubles up as decor.

Make it a lit night:

photo courtesy: vermilion decors and events

Personalization of weddings will always be special as they make your big day extra special. The use of lots of lights - fairy lights, bulb lights, chandeliers is making huge statements these days!

Huge ceiling statements - it could be floral, could be lights could be a mix of both. So, to summarise- maximum volume with minimalistic elements!

Tropical is the new hot topic:

photo courtesy: vermilion decors and events

Go Tropical! This is decor trend that should catch on in 2021 is the movement towards Tropical, more fun, and vibrant colours. We have been stuck in the pastel haze for some time now, and we need to add colours and vibrancy to our wedding decor. Mixing colourful flowers in all their hues (tastefully), and adding vibrant table spreads or printed linen. Using a lot of the bigger leaves rather than foliage to give the colourful floral a bright backdrop!

Hottest wedding decor colours for 2021!

Wedding decor has come a long way from 'shamiana' and fancy pink and white flowers. Weddings have become less of an extravaganza and have moved on to become an adventure that the couple undertakes to celebrate their love in their way. Couples have abandoned aging and gaudy decoration to embrace theme-based ideas that focus on colours and elements that define the personality of the bride and groom and match their outfits. Each couple has a unique way to choose the colours for their wedding decor, from funky, multicolour elements to boho vibes. So we're presenting you with new and trendy colours with the arrival of the New Year that will highlight Indian wedding decor in 2021. Trendy and everlasting colours of decor are expected to reign across 2021. So, no matter which month your wedding is scheduled for, these colours will always inspire you!

Always go green:

photo courtesy: vermilion decors and events

A colour that symbolizes new beginnings, prosperity, and peace, green is a colour that has recently gained popularity and a major shout out to all the brides who have chosen to wear green lehengas at their weddings! Green rarely needs any artificial elements to keep it together and lush ferns and leaves in wedding decor only spice up any venue's natural beauty. Enchanting green wedding decorations featuring nature ooze freshness and make your wedding functions more rejuvenating and blissful. So if you want to add a touch of nature to your wedding, go ahead and pick green!

Blue is the warmest colour:

photo courtesy: vermilion decors and events

The Pantone shade of the year 2021 starts the list, Classic Blue! A colour that attracts attention with its calming and serene atmosphere, classic blue is a colour that we are sure will embrace many weddings in 2021. The PANTONE 19-4052, aka, Classic Blue, is beautiful in its simplicity, a timeless and durable shade. An iconic shade of blue will be part of every Indian wedding in this New Year, from small pieces such as tassels, ribbons, and flowers to larger things such as furniture, stages, and backdrops!

Mysteriously purple:

Photo courtesy: unknown

Pink blush and pastel pinks are so 2019! In 2021, the use of lilacs, plums, and every other hue on the purple card will increase. A vivid and vogue option for wedding decor, this colour adds a 'fairy-tale beauty’ to any occasion. Whether you want to design your table centrepieces in violet or transform your entire mandap decor into a violet flower paradise, this colour blends well with almost every other colour to create magical beauty.

A little sunshine hurt nobody:

photo courtesy: vermilion decors and events

The words bright, sunny & warm are best used to describe the yellow colour. This bold hue adds to any wedding a much-needed colour pop, particularly if it's your haldi or mehendi. Honestly, it would be yellow if joy were a colour! Whether its bright yellow sunflowers or floral ceiling marigolds or just elements such as yellow table centrepieces & mehendi seating arrangements, this colour can easily be added to your wedding decor.

As pure as white:

photo courtesy: vermilion decors and events

A colour that makes your wedding look like a movie scene, white is a colour that all wedding decorators appreciate. Although we've seen a lot of funky colours at weddings, white was surprisingly pretty popular in 2019 and will remain high by 2021. Perfectly designed with both softly sophisticated furniture and rustic furnishings, white has its captivating charm. So, brides, white is the best colour for your decor if you're trying to add a fanciful vibe to your wedding.

Stage Décor:

photo courtesy: vermilion decors and events

With constant newness brimming up and creative minds of wedding decorators curating unique and fresh trends, Indian wedding decorations have evolved multi folds over the years. And quite amazingly, there's no going back now! From amping up even the tiniest of elements of the decor to centring it around a set theme entirely, simple Indian wedding decoration ideas have undoubtedly been taken a notch higher!

Couples are willing to shell out a good amount of money on decor for something unique and eye-catching. The stage is the focal point of any wedding ceremony, and it requires special attention in terms of decor, mainly because the couples spend most of their time on it! It adds to the aesthetic value of the venue.

One particular aspect of wedding decor that's certainly been fashioned over the years to stand out amongst the rest is the wedding stage. What started as setting a sofa against a floral backdrop on a carpeted stage (typically red) has now bloomed up to be one of the fanciest highlights of wedding decor and how! From surreal and minimal quaint ones to enormous princely ones, the vast spectrum of wedding stage decoration has a lot to offer and you are all spoilt for choices.

If you have a thing for those exquisite and fancy wedding stages and would love to incorporate them at your wedding, you know what you are doing. Right from the latest Indian wedding stage decorations to mesmerizing all-time classic theme wedding stage decoration ideas with phenomenal decor elements, you have a plethora of choices these days. So, jump right in.

  • A heavenly wedding stage decoration idea is done in peachy drapes with fairy lights, flowy floral blooms, and foliage accents. Adding the perfect royal touch to the stage backdrop are the upbeat candle holders and a vintage brass white sofa. 
  • A semi-spherical and extensively decked up stage setting with white and red flowers, cascading adornments in hues of white and pinks, and baby pink drapes, this stage decor is a charmer. The chandelier and the brass sofa blend in so gracefully for those vintage vibes. 
  • The classic combination of white and gold with hints of red is the best way to ace a lavish decor. With big vintage flower vases, pink & olive drapes against a white backdrop, white chairs with printed red cushions, and a carpeted floor, this stage looks so royal.
  • The list goes on, make the right choice and own your wedding.

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