How to decorate your house for a birthday party

by vermilion / February 14, 2022

Are you throwing a birthday party for your friend or a family member? Birthday parties are always special, and every birthday needs to be taken seriously from 6 to 60. Not having a plan or not having booked a place for the special occasion could really stress you out until the last moment, so the last resort to make the birthday a grand affair is by decorating the home with a theme they are most interested in.

Decide on a theme

Talk to your friend or family member and understand their likes and dislikes. This would give you a fair idea of where and how to start the decor. Once you have jotted down their likes and dislikes, narrow it down to one thing that it all comes down to, and that's how you will come down to that one theme they like. Eg: They might be interested in films, which would give you the liberty to play around with quirky posters and music that are of his/her taste.

Start collecting elements of the theme

Once you narrow down the theme, all you have to do is to collect elements that would match the theme you have decided on. Be it some posters, colored balloons, chairs, backdrops, stage, it all depends on the size of the party you are deciding to throw. Do not overload the home with unnecessary elements as it would make it difficult for you to clean up after the party. Keep it neat and as simple as possible to give your guests some extra space to roam around and interact.

Decorate the room with elements

Make sure that the elements are in place and they are placed right. If you are going for a filmy decor, then choose to go for elements that are OTT. Place some music CDs, Posters, Cameras, and Play a movie in the background so it stays with the theme.

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