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by vermilion / January 07, 2022

Planning a wedding for an A-list crowd is never easy, especially when it's about the talk-of-the-town couple. Whether you are from the bride's side or the groom's side, the whole point of the celebration is to make it memorable and event of a lifetime, this is the reason why choosing to have a lavish royal wedding at a heritage hotel like Vicky Kaushal, and Katrina Kaif is the ideal way to live life like the royals. With this blog, we bring you quick decor highlights inspired by the #vikat wedding.

Choice of venue

If you like to go all out on their big day, then the easiest way to set the tone is with the right venue. Start by looking for a hotel with historical architecture, ideally in locations like Rajasthan. Or if you are looking for the real deal, you can also opt for a royal palace converted into a heritage hotel for your holy nuptials. This ensures that the gorgeous fort brings a touch of rich history and a rustic vibe to your wedding that is irreplaceable.

The grand entrance

A spectacular entrance can be planned in a variety of ways. To impress your guests, consider opulent LED lighting, a floral archway, and decorations at the entry. You can also enter the venue on an elephant or drive in the comfort of a classic car while watching fireworks explode in the sky.

Garland ceremony

Vicky and Katrina enjoyed a beautiful Jaimala ceremony on the fort hotel's façade, with the baraatis watching from the grounds. Palace guards waved large flags on the floor above them while the couple exchanged garlands on the first floor of the edifice, and fireworks exploded on every level of the fort as soon as the garland ceremony was concluded. The key to making your event a success is to have such well-thought-out decor. We hope you'll use these suggestions to liven up your wedding!

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