Intimate Weddings Decoration: A Breezy Affair on a Full-Moon night

by vermilion / July 13, 2020

While intimate weddings are becoming the new normal, couples are getting as creative as when it comes to their Events and Decor. Starting from the basic ideation to the conceptualization of the actual decor in the venue, our team goes fully prepared with a rain-check for the evening.

Intimate wedding decoration

This was the evening when everyone including our team completely fell in love with a couple. Our wedding planner team was completely involved in all the processes starting from the start of the event to the end of the evening. The event took place in much-talked-about MGM Resort which the couple especially wanted with a guest list of 30-50 members.

Intimate wedding decoration in chennai

Monika and Pranesh's adorable chemistry was visible since the first day they came in for a meeting. They were very sure about what to include and what not to. They have made their precious love of 7+ years for each other work till this moment of walking down the aisle with 'One Step Closer by Linkin Park' and 'Perfect by Ed Sheeran ft. Beyonce' playing in the background.

The Decor:

The couple had their own checklist which contained everything they wanted to witness on their big day. Starting from the customized invitation to the photobooth, the couple was very keen on the beach-facing venue with all their favorite elements present in the decor. The couple had been going to that gorgeous venue, and they fixed the venue even before they fixed their wedding. Since it was a full-moon day, they opted for a backdrop in the shape of a half-moon. The backdrop consisted of imitation flowers, real flowers, crystals, and pampers altogether, giving it a rustic yet breezy look that went very well with the beach-y background. Walking down the aisle is a momentous moment in a Christian wedding, so our creative decor team paid extra attention to the entrance and aisle with their decor. The entrance of the aisle had a door-themed decor, and the Aisle was covered with several cold pyros, a pretty flower shower, and lanterns for a grand entry of the bride and the groom. To top it all off, the photobooth was set in such a way that it had all the memories of the couple in the form of pictures.


Even though it was a rainy day, our team pulled it off with ease. The rainy weather along with the dark clouds gave the decor an overall romanticized look, making it one of our favorites.

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