Questions to Ask To A Wedding Planner: A blog post on the questions you should ask while planning your wedding with a wedding planner

by vermilion / August 24, 2022

Every wedding is a perfect love story. But planning and executing this can be a hectic task. After all it is a fairy tale of you and your partner, hence we recommend you to hire the best wedding planner in the city. Before starting the process we would like to give you a heads-up on the questioner you must have in hand to choose the best wedding planners to make your planning hassle-free. From basic questions like if they are available on your important date, to the logistics and payment, we have given you a list of all the questions you might want to ask a wedding planner.

Confirm if they are available on you wedding date :

Why is it significant to know this basic detail? Ask if they are flexible at the wedding date. You can toggle through your suggestions and stream down the best one that you can have. There is no point if they aren’t flexible on your date.

Working on the budget:

The next essential question on the row will be regarding the budget. You may have to work out the wedding budget as early as possible to make the process easier. Sitting down and making an initial plan can help you to know who is contributing much. This helps you understand the potential service they can provide based on your budget.

Ask them:

If they charge a flat fee, is t hourly or any percentage of your total budget How much do they want as a deposit? Do vendors need to be paid directly or do you have to handle payments for them? When will the final payment be made? Do they offer any commission to the vendors? Do they charge any additional fees?

Types of services offered:

Even though many of their services are already listed on their website, sometimes we may not get the clear picture, so it is always good to ask for a detailed explanation of the services they are offering. This will help you plan even your budget. What if you have planned for a destination wedding, this would also cover the logistics part right? So it is always important to know everything in detail. Because all you need is a wedding planner who would turn your ideas into a fairy tale, says Vermillion Here are some important questions need to be asked while knowing about their services: Will they help you mail the invitations? Do they offer rehearsal sessions? If it is a destination wedding do they have a back up plan in case of emergency?

Handling the payments:

This is a very significant question as it would help you manage your payments. But to plan this you might want to know how they handle payments with their vendors. Some wedding planners would need a lump sum payment in one shot. We recommend you to plan the payment before getting into a contract as this will help you avoid the last minute hassle.

Expert Team:

The next question you might want to ask is about the expertise. We may not want to be fooled with their colorful pictures on their website. Ask them the details regarding the team you are going to work with, knowing about their expertise will help you understand how well they can pull this off better.

Back up Plan:

Your wedding is the most important event of your life. You might not want to take risk of anything that goes wrong. Ask the wedding planners if they have a back-up plan in the worst case. What if any of their teammates falls ill and that can affect any of your services at the wedding. Ensure that they have a plan –B in case of emergency. 1. Number Of Staff Available: You may have to take a note on the number of staff attending the wedding. If you have planned a destination wedding it would be helpful for you to plan the logistics. Also, it is better to ask if they pre-planned the trip. 2. Ask for testimonials: It is important to know about the previous client’s experience. Get the names and contact number of the clients and know the pros and cons of the wedding planner. They should be willingly providing you this. 3. Create a timeline: It’s important for you to prepare a timeline, not just the list of wedding guests. Your wedding planner should be able to create a timeline and make sure everything happens on time. 4. Ask information on unique wedding they have planned: To know the style of and creativity of the wedding planner, we must ask them to know the details of the unique wedding they have planned. This will give you the idea of their work. Ask for pictures and compare it with different wedding planners and choose what works well for you. We know we have given you so much input. Make sure that the wedding planner has understood all the exact visions of your wedding. After the interview ask yourself, few basic questions to satisfy your gut feeling. Do you think this will work well for the budget you have planned? Does the wedding planner understand your vision? If the answer is no then you might have to look for many options. It is an important event in your life and your wedding planner is the one who will have to spend considerable time, hence make sure to get along with them well and discuss with them all the possible ways to make your wedding event a grand success.

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