5 Seating Arrangements to Consider for your Big Day

by vermilion / February 5, 2022

Starting with the perfect venue for your momentous day, the next step is to make your big day special for your guests as well. How do you choose your seating arrangement and layout? While having a big function at your home, it is very important to consider the seating arrangement as it makes all the difference.

A well thought seating arrangement can make your event even better as it makes your guests feel comfortable and included. Scroll down to get some idea on choosing the right seating arrangement for your big day!

Banquet Style

The banquet-style seating arrangement is usually set for 8 to 10 guests. This is a traditional sitting arrangement that invites your guests to engage with one another in the wedding atmosphere and get to know each other's families better. The bride and the groom take the centre stage and make them sit in the center of the room for them to be under the spotlight, and choose the centerpieces with precision according to the tone of the decor as it plays a major role.

Family Style

This is the most common type of seating arrangement in Indian weddings. This seating arrangement includes a long table or several long tables placed next to each other. If you have chosen a venue that has a lot of room, then this type of seating arrangement will look very impressive. When you choose this type of seating, you are signing up to get beautiful candid pictures as you allow your friends and family to have an intimate time together.

Cabaret Style

This seating style is directed towards the presenter of the event. This seating is preferable if you are having a business event or a sangeet. If you have chosen a small venue for your event, then this seating style will help you a great deal as the floor space can be utilized well.

Theatre Style

This seating arrangement is set in a way where all the chairs are faced towards a stage or a focal point. This setup is ideal for audience-type events, but this seating type doesn't support eating food.

Cocktail Style

This style only includes tables and no chairs. This layout makes the best use of available floor space, allowing the friends and family to get together as they wish. Instead of a sit-down meal, provide finger food and other little snacks to compliment this seating.

These seating arrangements will work only after you have gotten the RSVP list. If this is an hourly event, then stressing over the seating arrangement is unnecessary, as your guests will not be present there for a long time.

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