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by vermilion / June 07, 2022

Exchanging the varmala is one of the oldest wedding rituals, and it is said to be a symbol of the bride and groom's acceptance of the process. The flower alternatives for the varmala were quite restricted in ancient times, but now there is a profusion of flowers to choose from. And, if you're looking for something a little different, we've located the perfect jaimala choice for you. Varmalas with leaves have arrived!

Foliage varmalas are varmalas made out of a group of leaves. These have an exotic appearance, are unorthodox, and are ideal for a day wedding.

With a hint of flowers

The foliage is lovely on its own, however, if you want to add some color to your varmala, we recommend this category. The small blooms in amongst the leaves look so lovely and stand out so beautifully that you'll have something both unusual and attractive. Scroll down to see how these real brides styled their leaf jaimala with flowers.

Simple yet elegant varmalas

If you don't like the hefty varmalas, we recommend the beautiful leaf jaimala. Ladies, these sleek varmalas appear classy, and if you're planning a day wedding, these varmalas are ideal!

Thick varmalas

There's a reason they say "go big or go home"!

We offer heavy foliage jaimala patterns if you want to go all out with your varmala. These are bold, eye-catching, and stunning. And, if you and your future spouse are wearing dark colors on your wedding day, the green varmala will look spectacular!

So, which foliage varmala did you prefer? Tell us about it on our Instagram page!

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