What Differentiates a Venue Coordinator from a Wedding Planner!

by vermilion / November 16, 2022

You might see that practically all wedding venues have a venue planner on staff to aid with matters like timelines, rentals, and vendor suggestions. What distinguishes a wedding coordinator from a wedding planner, you might be asking.

Most couples are unaware that although the venue coordinator and wedding planner may offer some comparable services, they are both equally crucial to your wedding day and serve very different purposes.

Why is it so simple to confuse the two ?

These two members of your ideal wedding team can be mistaken, but you might be wondering why it's so common for couples to misunderstand the roles of a venue coordinator and a wedding planner.

Vermillion Decors helps shine some light on the reason behind it: Couples frequently confuse a wedding planner with a venue coordinator because venue coordinators frequently respond to their planning questions up until the wedding day. Consider this: After a couple books a venue, the venue coordinator gives them a list of recommended vendors, the schedule of their wedding day events (especially if catering is done on-site), and helps them set up the reception using venue goods that are part of their packages.

If that weren't confusing enough, it gets even more complicated when couples learn that wedding planners also provide coordination services but then realise they also receive some type of coordination from their venue coordinator.

Wedding planners are available for you:

The person that vendor is truly there to serve and take care of that day is one of the greatest contrasts between a wedding planner and a venue coordinator.

The venue coordinator is referred to as such since they work for the venue. They'll talk about the menu, floor plans, leasing agreement, rules, etc. They administer the venue. The wedding planner is still necessary.

Their duties really differ significantly from those of a wedding planner, who is tasked with representing the client's interests and assisting them with the areas of the planning process that the venue coordinator is not responsible for. The venue coordinator, the vendors, the client, and other parties involved in the wedding planning process are all in contact with a wedding planner.

In addition to making sure you have everything you need to ensure the day runs as well as possible, your wedding planner is there to ensure that everything you need is communicated effectively and promptly with both vendors and guests.

What your wedding planner will handle:

Your wedding planner will always have you as her priority, but what specifically does the wedding planner do differently from the venue coordinator?

Your venue planner won't be personally contacting every one of your vendors to confirm the agreed-upon services and hours. We coordinate with every member of your vendor team in advance to create your timeline, and we make sure that suppliers follow it all day long.

As your wedding planner, we get there early to welcome your vendors and make sure everything is set up as planned. You may leave confident that your personal belongings have been packed and delivered with the approved family member since we stay until the absolute end to make sure everything is taken care of.

This includes cards and presents, which are not the venue coordinator's duty. They frequently are preparing for the event that will take place the very next day!

While most planners only focus on one event each week, venue coordinators frequently have numerous events to handle each week. Most venue coordinators are just concerned with their own venue and are not knowledgeable about other suppliers, design possibilities, rehearsal dinner recommendations, and other things.

The cost of hiring a planner from beginning to end might be avoided by selecting for a venue that has a lot to offer included in the venue rental price, which would free up funds to employ a coordinator to complete the ideal details.

The main justification is that venue coordinators' main responsibility is to see to it that the venue is maintained. Contrary to a wedding planner, who is only there to take care of you and your guests.

Venue Coordinators for the venue:

Of course, every vendor there for your wedding day will do their best to make things amazing, but they all have different aspects of the event that they need to keep their attention on.

We adore weddings and our couples, but as the venue and caterer, our top focus is making sure we deliver the exceptional service that has come to be expected of us. I can manage all of the moving elements at the venue, but a wedding planner really gives you the one-on-one care and service you need on your wedding day, in my opinion. When we don't have to worry about organising all of the other moving components of your event, we can really produce a show-stopping event, which is another reason why hiring a planner makes our job a lot easier.

The concept of a venue coordinator does not, however, stop at managing day-of tasks for the venue and, maybe, catering if the venue has an in-house catering team.

A venue coordinator is responsible for managing venue-related duties include managing sales and contracts, scheduling events, and leading on-site activities. The venue organizer could even be in charge of several events at once, depending on the location. They are unable to devote their time to helping a specific couple plan their wedding because of their position.

A venue coordinator can assist couples with some of the same or similar services before and on the day of their wedding, but at the end of the day, they can't keep the couple as their only priority.

We can plainly understand both sides of the argument because I own a venue and am a licensed wedding planner, and they are very dissimilar. The couple and the venue are both served by the venue organiser. The couple's needs are the planner's priority. Since the couple is the wedding planner/top coordinator's priority, they might want someone to represent them at their wedding.

Why you should hire a wedding planner:

You feel disorganised, scattered, or bewildered. To keep you organised and improve communication with your vendors, wedding planners can assist decrease or prevent all of these during the planning phase.

if you're hosting a wedding involving multiple events in different locations or that have a lot of moving parts, you don't have time to handle all of the tasks that go into planning a wedding, you want your family and friends to enjoy themselves rather than managing things on the wedding day, you're unfamiliar with the location where your wedding is taking place, you're on a short timeline, and/or you're hosting a wedding that has these factors.

Sometimes all you need is a partner to talk through your disagreements with, which may be very useful when it comes to compromising.

However, your wedding planner is there for you not just during the planning phase, but also on the wedding day to help you with any issues that may arise. If you wake up the morning after your wedding thinking that everything went perfectly, it's likely because your planner caught the issues before anybody else and addressed them before anyone, including you, knew.

Are you looking for a top-notch wedding coordinator to make your special day perfect? Check out our list of screened and approved wedding planners at Vermillion Decors.

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