Wedding Event Management Videos

We have an in-house team that documents handpicked elements and moments that are packed with love, to render your wedding film as illustrious as a contemporary cinematic record. They are filmed in such a way that they provide you with an everlasting treasured testament of your dream story.

Recent Wedding Decoration Videos

Ajay + Preethi

Aishwarya + Prithvi

Saran + Shibani


Jowber + Mathura

The grand Bahubali theme

Prathushya + Shansank Karthieyka + Namratha

A breezy beach wedding, every girl's dream wedding.

Nikkah Setup at Feathers A Radha Hotel

The Entire Wedding Bam - GRT Grand Chennai

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Engagement marks the end of a whirlwind romance and beginning of an eternal love story nonetheless said it is a marking of a monumental milestone in one’s life. Engagements lately have got its modern take on it where some prefer an intimate and contemporary gathering yet some prefer a traditional Engagement. Engagement Decor in Chennai could be an important thing as it has so much of rituals that come with it.

Weddings are a union of love, family and traditions that hold a special place in our hearts forever. Wedding Decor is something that plays an important role in making your wedding startling and Wedding Decors in Chennai comes off in diverse style from a traditional setup to outdoor beach weddings to an extravagant theme wedding.

Wedding Reception is generally a Party /Gathering held for the newlywed couple. It is something that is filled with love, joy and celebration in the air. Reception decor generally plays a major element in creating a magical night for the newlywed and their family. Wedding Reception Decor in Chennai varies from an Elegant yet simple decor to an Avant Grande extravaganza.

Celebrate your auspicious day with adorable decorations. Plan your birthday party with unique themes to surprise the guest of honour in amazement. Bring in the cute little buntings, to the glittery balloons and enhance the limelight of the occasion with the catchy back drop. We design birthday parties and ensure its essence is carried till the end!