South Indian wedding decor trends that will leave your guests in awe

by vermilion / September 1, 2020

Wedding decoration is as significant as the ensemble of the bride, and the entrance of the groom. When you’re spending the moon on wedding decor, making it worth every penny is important too. There are some ideas for wedding decor that are so eye-popping and so undervalued. If you would like to introduce individuality and elegance into your wedding venue, try any of these 20 trends in your South Indian wedding decor. They sure are going to leave everyone in awe.

The Statue of Gold

South Indian marriages are about gold, gold, and lots of gold. The inclusion of golden statues at the entrance or behind the mandap is thus sure to add beauty to your entire South Indian wedding decor.

The Floral hangings

In place of flowers, the folded leaves can serve as decorative hangings. Of course, they can also be mixed with floral hangings, but as much as the bride and groom, the pretty strings of high and low dainty leaves will totally steal the show.

Extravagant Rangoli

Another aspect that is often missed is the immaculate rangoli, but which certainly brings a South Indian feel to the scene. Choose one plain, or add as many colours as you wish.

A decorative arrangement of the domes

You can build an elaborate four-poster structure with pot stacks against the pillars while covering the mandap in colourful curtains and floral canopy. The construction of the dome is a time-consuming affair but completely worth it.

Temple bells silenced

The word is amazing! With the South Indian wedding decor patterns, the suspended temple bells go perfectly well. It is still new, but typical! Make sure the most outstanding shots of the decor are taken by the photographers, so you remember every nook of the beautiful mandap in which you took your vows.

Floral canopy

Don’t you love floral arrangements? Oh, who doesn’t? To create a floral canopy, add unrealistic quantities of flowers and create a picturesque scene not for a day, but for your wedding album that you’d slip through for years.

In white and gold

Certainly, the subtle and sweet white and gold decor is a charmer. Anything in white and gold will establish perfect symmetry from mandap décor to seating arrangements.

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