Things to keep in mind while planning a monsoon wedding

by vermilion / July 23, 2021

Summers are always tiring, making everyone thankful for the rains. When it comes to planning a monsoon wedding, things can get a little tricky for a wedding planner. Everything starting from choosing the right kind of outfits, preparing the wedding decor, and picking the perfect venue with all the arrangements could get a little pressurizing. If you're planning an intimate wedding, handling all of these can be much easier.
Here are some tips and tricks to plan an intimate monsoon wedding that might prove super helpful to you. Get a rain check and enjoy the fun parts of your monsoon wedding!

A big 'YES' to faux flora

As a wedding planner, go for artificial flowers for your wedding stage decoration, so they wouldn't get spoiled even when it rains heavily. Using real flowers would only be a waste of money in case of heavy downpours and storms.
Pro-tip: Avoid using feathers in any case.

Waterproof outfits

Forget those dupatta draping decorations or silk cabanas for your intimate monsoon wedding. Go for waterproof fabrics and make sure they're sturdy and strong.
Pro-tip: Do not pick the wrong outfit, just for the sake of it.

False ceilings for the win

Ask your vendor to arrange for faux ceilings and decorative canopies that are rain-proof, in case of outdoor wedding venues. A monsoon wedding shouldn't mean compromising on your wedding look!
Pro-tip: Don’t go easy on your wedding decor, instead choose some false elements to make it better.

Pick a smart location

While picking your wedding venues, make sure it doesn't fall in a flood-prone area. You don't want yourself and your guests trapped in a flood.
Pro-tip: Avoid any place where there could be a lot of traffic.

Say cheese

Water-proof gazebos and tents are possible these days for wedding decoration so you can have your functions out in the open as long as you have enough covered spots for your wedding photography. Keep in mind that your guests should not be crushed together under one small area and be discomfited in any way – so there should be enough rain-proof shelters apart from the open areas.
Pro-tip: Make sure that your wedding photographers are sound in what they do.

Hot fritters are a must

Is it even a question? You can't enjoy a monsoon wedding if there are no tea-Pakoda and other food stalls at the venue! Make sure there is enough free-flowing steaming tea/coffee along with fresh hot fritters as snacks.
Pro-tip: Avoid any raw fruits and vegetables as they might get spoiled in the humidity.

Get entertained

Add some of the popular songs on rain for your rain dance party. What's the point of planning an intimate monsoon wedding otherwise? Organize your indoor Sangeet followed by an open-air rain dance party to the peppiest songs. Play some beautiful songs while everyone enjoys their drinks at a Cocktail party.
Pro-tip: Avoid having a heavy party as rain might prove to be a spoilsport

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